Harley Quinn Quotes


“It is to laugh, huh Mistah J?”

” Here’s to Gotham’s Commissioner G.
You lock up the weirdos, the crooks and the geeks!
Yer a hero to all of the boys in blue –
But this time, baybee, the joke’s on YOU!”

“Oy! Beauty school’s looking pretty good about now!”

“Look on the bright side – tomorrow you’ll be feeding hundreds of hungry cats!”

“Freeze, Copper! I gotcha covered, see?”

“They’re Finny and Funny and oh so delish!
They’re Joyful and Jolly – Joker Fish!”

“Eww! Fish stinkeroony!”

“*A-a-a-hem!* Look alive, wage slaves! Preeeesenting – the Caliph of Clowns, that Mogul of Mountebanks – the One and Only – JOKER!”

“Harley Quinn,pleased to meetcha!”

“You think after living with Mistah J I’d be used to a little pain”

“I’ll show ya! I’ll pull a big heist all by myself and I’ll be laughing atcha, ya hear?Ha ha, Laughing! *sigh* I miss him already!”

“Nice work,butterfingers, why didn’tcha just turn the batsignal on while you were at it!”

“My boss likes me to wear a smile to work”

“You really know how to put the “fun” in “funeral”, boss”

“Wheee! Look at the pretties!”

“I’d just to like to say, if there were no Batman, there’d be no Joker and I never woulda met my Puddin!! Thankyou, Batman!”

“Dont’cha knock before entering a ladies boudoir?”

“Oh the irony! The grim stalwart Dark Knight and his greatest female adversary, fightin together to save the city!”

“HAHA – OW!”

“It’s amazing whacha find in people’s glove compartments!”

“Hi Puddin! Miss me?”

“Deal’s off,B-Man!Noone ever said anythin bout hurtin Mistah J!”

“Freeze Clown!”

“Ya got a hearin problem or somethin? No nada zero sip silch, nothin okaaaaay?”

“WHEEE WAHOO WHOPPEEE!YAY YAY YAY! Er – I mean, thankyou Dr Leland”

“Hey remember me, that big charity bash a few years back, the one the Joker robbed? I wuz the clown girl holdin the gun on ya!”

“Yeesh, ya make one little mistake and they never letcha forget!”

“Call me Harley! Everyone does!”

“Just one – BABIES!!!!”

“I din’t even get ta keep my new dress – and I actually paid for it!”

“I’m havin a bad day! I’m sick of people tryin ta shoot me, run me over or blow me up!”

“I think I made a mess on your cape”

“Home again,home again, jiggity jig!”

“Gimme some sugar, baby!”


“Wanna try my pie, Puddin?”

“Naughty naughty! Jump around like that and Doctor won’t give you a lollypop!”

“Aw, c’mon Puddin – don’tcha wanna rev up ya Harley?VROOOM VROOM!”

“Face it,Harl, this stinks – yer a certified ntso wanted by the las in 2 dozen states – and hopelessly in love with a murderous,psychopathic clown”

“Whatever you say, Mistah J! Just gimme a sec to find the form and I’ll commit myself!”

“Play nice with yer new chew toy!”

“Thanks, gotta run. Oh look is that Mayor Hill? Yoo-hoo Mistah Mayor!”

“Hey watch those hands, Boy Wonder!”

“You and yer pointy-eared partner think yer so smart! But you forgot I got a partner all my own!”

“Humph. That would make this “cradle robin” wouldn’t it?”

“YES! She shoots, she scores!”

“Prepare to be perforated, pally!”

“Gee Mistah J, yer creepin me out! You love the flamin bucket of napalm!”

“woops.Wrong calibre bullets.My goof”

“Barracuda. Down the trousers. Woops!”

“Aw…do ya hear that? My Puddin’s laughing!”

“whoah mama! Check out the cute hitch-hiker!”

“Oooh listen to little Miss Can’t Take a Joke!”

“Now THIS is funny, Mistah J!”

“Deck the halls with boughs of Harley!”

“Buh-mer! I’m gonna miss all the fun!”

“Jingle bells Bratgirl smells, Birdboy laid an egg! The batmobile lost a wheel and Puddin got away!”

“Martha Stewart, eat yer heart out!”



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